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Get an area, location, home, business checked for unwanted energies of all kinds.

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All unwanted spirits are ported off world.

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Angel Ghost Clearing is what you need to clear a site of unwanted spirits, whether it be an old house with strange happenings, an apartment in a multi-unit building, your bedroom, your restaurant, or to explain and correct the unexplainable. Unwanted spirits are hunted down and either nullified or removed from the planet.

If you've had paranormal investigators to your location, then you know they can often detect the problem but aren't able to do the cleanup. Some may offer recommendations that are hard to follow or difficult to obtain. I will verify your problem and carry out the complete removal in one session. Get your ghost eviction now with Angel Ghost Clearing!

If your situation is not discussed on this website, or you need a related service, drop me a note on the Contact page. --Christina

Why get your location checked?

Unwanted spirits can cause many problems, some of them quite serious. People at the location with unwanted spirits will often pick up emotions from these spirits, changing the way they interact with others. Some spirits think they still own that location and will try to scare you off, cause sickness and even death. If you have difficulty breathing but only while asleep, you may have an unwanted spirit trying to strangle you. Is something bumping the bed at night - you may have an unwanted spirit. If there is much arguing and negativity, at home or at work, you may have unwanted spirits. Spirits may try to talk people into doing things they would not normally do.

If you are moving to a different home or business, it's a good idea to get that location checked before you arrive. Do not move into a location where unwanted spirits are waiting for you. Save the time of looking up all the land and property history as you'll still have the problem. Protect yourself, your family and your business by getting your present location and your new location checked. Avoid moving into a location where spirits won't leave; give them a ghost eviction today!

I will clear out the sources of unwanted energies, demons/djinn/dark spirits, portals, black magic, poltergeists or negative energy that a location has absorbed in the past. I will crossover those spirits that are lost. Your clearing will be done, usually in one session. Be sure I have all the information concerning your site, including what may have been found in an earlier investigation, and any personal concerns, so your cleanup can be complete.

Do you have unwanted spirits at your location...

  • Seeing shadows or outlines
  • Having negative thoughts in your own voice and you're sure it's not you
  • Negative types of images while awake or sleeping
  • Objects moving, objects disappearing, bed bumping, lights flickering, gas stove knob left on, coffeemaker starts by itself
  • Feeling like you're being watched and no one is there
  • Feeling like it's difficult to breathe when sleeping, or the breath is sucked out of you when awake
  • Feeling like someone touched you or pushed you and no one is there
  • The kids tell you there are monsters in the house; (Kids are new to Earth and are still more connected to the other side than adults are, so they can often see and detect things that you cannot.) If they say there are monsters, and are serious about it, you may have a problem at that location
  • Acting and feeling withdrawn, staying within the building
  • Stressed and depressed, for no reason
  • Electronics acting up; spirits like to play around with electronics
  • Remote control wireless lighting or touch lamps turning on/off by themselves
  • Unexplained cold spots in the building; these could be random and move around or persistent in the same location
  • Feeling a lot better when out and away from the building
  • Is the dog/cat watching something in the room and you see nothing
  • Is the dog/cat freaking out, can't relax or sleep, barking at nothing

*** Get your location checked and cleared now! ***