I am a Psychic, Medium, Exodus Specialist, Empath, Certified Chios Master Teacher and Cherub Angel and have been dealing with ghosts and spirits my whole life.   I will personally be handling your unwanted spirit removal working directly with the angels,  having command of as many as needed to get a clearing done.  I do not use tools of any kind, just the angels and me.

I’m an expert at removing unwanted spirits, remotely or on-site, with thousands of unwanted spirits already removed.   I’ve even cleaned up unwanted spirits from some “Dead Files”  locations (Dead Files TV series) when children have been under attack by malicious spirits.  — Christina

If you would like psychic, medium or angelic healing services see my other site Angel Healing Now. I’m also part of Chios Healing Group which provides local Chios energy healing service for Northern Illinois northwest of Chicago.









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