What is the Angel Ghost Clearing service area?
Service is done by remote worldwide excluding EU countries, Russia and China. I do not need to come to your location.

Is it true I can clear out ghosts by myself?
No, do not try to evict ghosts on your own; it’s like poking a lion with a stick! Spraying holy water, saying prayers, asking them to leave, etc., does not work as the unwanted spirits do not understand.

Where can I find reviews?
Reviews are shown on the individual Service pages and recent reviews are shown on the right hand side of most pages. Click on “Services” on the menu and then click on a specific service.

What’s difference between spirits and entities?
Spirits can be good or bad.  Entity is a nice a way of saying “dark spirit”.  To keep the website simple, we will refer to all of these as “unwanted spirits”.

Are all unwanted spirits attached to humans?
No.  Unwanted spirits can just be passing through or can attach to objects, land or a building.  These spirits are usually malicious or may even be dark spirits.  Just because a spirit is targeting or bothering someone, does not mean it is an attached spirit.  An attached spirit has either decided to force an attachment or it could be someone from a past life who has not let go.  Removing unwanted spirits attached to humans is included in the Residential Location Clearing package and in the Angelic Healing package.

What are the habits of unwanted spirits?
Some unwanted spirits may be right in your face, but most like to hide in the shadows or darkness. They hide in your closet, in the vents, in the dark corner of the room, in the potted plant. Most do not want to be seen or visible to anyone, yet close enough to cause trouble and put negative thoughts into your head. Some unwanted spirits may move objects, hide objects, make a lot of noises or even have physical contact. If anything, they want to change your behavior. If their efforts lead to sickness, fighting, divorce, death; that’s their goal, to mess up your life.

Are photos needed for the ghost clearing job?
Not usually, the angels can find the location, or even a location within a location, like a highrise apartment building.  I will ask for a photo only if needed.

Does the service include portal removal?
Yes, absolutely, otherwise more unwanted spirits will show up to replace the ones I just cleaned up.  A dark portal is a doorway for dark spirits and dark forces to travel back and forth.  Some locations for dark portals are: under your bed, under a bedroom dresser, entire first floor of a residence, an old cellar, a business location, ground level or basement.  These can be right out in the open, in a dark spot, or concealed under something. Typically, dark portals are located where they are not likely to be found.  They are not visible to human eyes and detectable only by those who have extra perception abilities. Once any type of portal is setup at a location, it will remain forever, unless I remove it.  Locations can have more than one dark portal and can have different types of portals;  all portals are very dangerous.

Does bringing unwanted spirits into the light remove them?
No, it does not.  I nullify or send spirits off world, not just move them to another location.

Are weegee/ouija boards, tarot cards, ghost boxes bad?
Yes.  Not only do these items aggravate spirits currently at your location, they often create increased activity.  Playing with these items also invites spirits from elsewhere to your location and can open various portals.   Dark spirits may also show up and install a dark portal which allows more dark spirit reinforcements to come in.  Tarot cards are a tool for talking to those who have passed, however, unless you really know what you’re doing these are very bad. If you need the services of a Medium to contact someone who has died, see my website AngelHealingNow.com.

What is a poltergeist and can it be removed?
Yes, I can remove a poltergeist.  A poltergeist is energy that becomes an entity, dark spirit, and can move things, get in your head, make people sick.  Poltergeists are created by living people with abilities and this person (often a child) either does not know they have abilities, or they’re unwilling to recognize the abilities.   Removal of a poltergeist might only be temporary because, if the person with the abilities does not get control, they can create another poltergeist.

I live in a multi-residential building, how does Angel Ghost Clearing deal with this?
The entire building needs to cleared.  Get the Residential Location Clearing package.

I have a business on a lower floor, with residences on the upper floors, how does Angel Ghost Clearing deal with this?
The entire the building has to to be cleared.  Get the Business Location Clearing package.

I heard that some spirits anchor themselves to Earth by attaching to an object or location, is that any problem?
No problem.  Makes no difference to what object the spirit is attached.  I will evict these spirits and you don’t even have to find the object.

I heard that spirits can copy/clone themselves to keep up the activity at multiple locations at one time. How is this dealt with?
The original unwanted spirit will be removed, which also removes all the copies/clones from all locations.

Are collectors of old antiques/relics at high risk for an unwanted spirit?
Yes.  This can happen with any item, however, military and wartime items, and old watches have the highest likelihood of having an attached unwanted spirit.

Could my spirit problem be caused by spirits that are connected to the land because of some old war or battle that happened there?
Yes, and  these locations can be cleaned up.

Why do I have a ghost, unwanted spirit, entity, portal, etc.?
There are many different situations as to how and why this could  happen.  The unwanted spirits many have been attached to the land location for a very long time, possibly related to some bad event that happened long ago.  Not all spirits stay in one location, some roam around, some have different locations they frequent. It’s a rare occurrence when someone comes back to Earth to deliver a message. They may make obvious attempts to get your attention such as sitting on your bed or playing with electronics.

Sometimes a spirit that once lived on Earth missed their window of opportunity to crossover, which happens in sudden and traumatic deaths.   Other spirits that lived on Earth may feel they have unfinished business and avoid crossing over, using an object or location as an anchor.

Going to known haunted locations for a thrill is not a good idea, since unwanted spirits can follow you home. People who are having medical problems and taking medication can attract evil entities.  Negative or nasty, mean people attract evil entities. Unwanted spirits can also follow emails or phone calls from suspected locations with known paranormal activity.

Unwanted spirits can haunt more than one location at the same time by making lesser intelligent clones of themselves to keep up the malicious haunting activity. From time to time or at certain times of day/night, the original unwanted spirit will come and check up on the clones.

Should spirits be visiting at all?
Your passed loved ones, those who have already crossed over, may visit or keep an eye on you from time to time.  As long as the spirits around you are good, it’s O.K.   Keep in mind that passed loved ones won’t do anything to scare you or freak you out, only malicious spirits do that.

What is a Cherub Angel?
Cherubim angels are the second highest order to Seraphim, the angels closest to God. Cherubim means “those who intercede” and are ready to provide protection and knowledge. Cherubim are the guardians of light and stars and providers of divine love and wisdom. These angels are of  boundless love and knowledge and can function as personal guards. They watch over all the galaxies and collect and disperse energy wherever it is needed.

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